Ninash Company Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company. It is the first manufacturer of synthetic hairpieces in Ghana. The main product is branded ‘Auntie Lizzy’ which is now a household name in the hair industry in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Ninash has been a manufacturer and distributor of ‘a la mode’ synthetic hairpieces since 1994. The company manufactures various kinds of hair pieces in accordance with the style in vogue.

Ninash has several important competitive advantages:

» Highly committed and experienced management and workers.
» High quality and competitive products.
» Good relationship with suppliers and well knit distribution network.
» Ninash has negligible long-term debt.
» Strategically located factory (close to Tema Harbour).
» Strong brand name.

The Auntie Lizzy hair products manufactured by Ninash Co. Gh. Ltd. are well known in Ghana and are exported to the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and other African countries.