Quality Assurance & Control

Our quality philosophy is to provide our customers high quality products at all times by providing effective and efficient customer centered products and services where our customers expectations are met at all times through total quality management. This would be achieved through effective teamwork and identification of customers’ real needs. The company would strive to meet these needs and consistently improve the production processes.

Several of Ninash’s production people are well trained and experienced. In the inspection phase of the manufacturing process, there are a number of computer-aided quality control processes. All quality and customer satisfaction goals have been met within the last year since the initiation of total quality management.

The goals of Ninash’s program of quality control can be summarized as follows: » Producing products with features that are perceived by the customer as providing outstanding value.

» Delivering the product when promised.
» Delivering a product with no defects.
» Ensuring the product will not experience early failure.
» Ensuring the product can be the demands of constant use and will not fail when used excessively.

Ninash carefully monitors such things as:

» The number of defective hair pieces produced as a percentage of total production.
» The number of customer complaints.
» Excess customer-response time (the difference between delivery date and date requested by customer).
» On-time delivery (percentage of shipments made on or before the scheduled delivery date).